To become a part of the Airush crew, please let us know of the coverage you have had in different kite boarding magazines over the last year. It would be great if you are participating in events, are a kite boarding teacher, or interested in helping us developing futuristic equipment.

If selected, we will forward one of the following proposals

1. An international promotional deal.
2. A national promotional deal through our exclusive distributors.
3. A regional deal through our selected shops.

Please identify and describe yourself
First name Last name
Date of birth
 Male   Female
Height Weight
Please provide the following contact information
Street Address
Zip code City
Work Phone Home Phone
When did you start kiting ?
Where do you kiting ?
What is the wind / waves like at your local spot?
What are your best tricks/moves?
What type of kiting do you like the most?
What type of kiting do you do the most?
Approx. number of events attended for the past two seasons.
What is your best ever result?
Which Airush shop is the closest to you according to our shop information?
Would you like your local shop to carry Airush?
What is the contact details of your local shop?
Shop's name Contact person
Phone FAX