Julien Kerneur gives us a full run down of the 7th Annual Load of the Wind event in Los Barriles, Mexico.

This competition is a mix of a variety of disciplines (Freestyle, Foil, Big Air, Strapless, and Boardercross) following the results of each discipline, a title is made for the overall winner deemed as the “Lord Of The Wind” or “Lady Of The Wind”.

This year the novelty was to have a boardercross (slalom with buoys to jump) along with Big Air, Freestyle, Strapless and Race!


The first day of competition began strong with a windy day, 15-25 knots, giving us the opportunity to start foil racing.  We were able to complete 4 races which I was able to rank  2nd-2nd-1st-1st.  It was very tight with my friends Nico and Joey for the 1st place today as we were simply trading between 1,2 or 3rd.

The afternoon we were able to make 2 rounds full of boardercross.  It is heat of 6 people, and only the Top 3 advance to the next round until the final.  Well trained and excited from the morning foil racing, I was able to get first in both rounds of this event.



The next day was a long day of waiting, the wind was simply not there with 5-6 knots averaging.

The forecast for the next day was even worse ..

So the evening was festivities which is why this event is so spectacular.  It combined all types of kiteboarding with the community aspect.   Everyone was at the local bar enjoying the tequila and other Mexican liqueur which made for an amazing party!


When I woke up I could not believe my eyes, the wind was blowing strong and in the opposite direction of the days before.

The foil competition was launched in the morning and the races began again with 2 runs.  I made 3rd and 1st which still allowed me to keep my lead position.

The afternoon changed from racing, to big air with our foils!  Unlike years before, now there is a new class with Foils and Big air.  The wind was lighter and lighter, but in foil it didn’t matter.  We were able to get 6 to 7 seconds of hangtime with 12knots of wind and a 19m foil kite.


Once again a long wait but finally a small hope of wind arrived! The final 2 foil races allowed me to finish 1st and 3rd which game me the overall 1st in the final.

This ended with another amazing night with a big local beerpong championship.  Something that gives this event more of an American touch.   Great fun with the whole local team!


The wind was back, and for the whole day 20-25 nts on the water

During the freestyle event, I decided to keep it mellow and preserve myself for the strapless event.  I was able to check out my team mate, Anthar Racca, who was going insane.  He finished in the 3rd place of this competition freestyle

Then my first strapless heat went well.  I had my classic, front roll, back roll, pop 360 and others.   I tried my more difficult tricks like double back, double front, kiteloop, but there were major crashes.

In final heat I was more motivated than ever.  I start with a strong, enormous front roll followed by a back tail grab. Then the wind was perfect for a strapless megaloop which was really powered and landed clean.  I finish the heat with a nice 313 handlepass, the second time I’ve landed it in competition!

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