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08/08/2017 | Get Ready for Airush Van Camp!

Get ready for Airush Van Camp this September! – We’re inviting you to join us digitally and in person on a documented overland kitesurfing adventure that we want you to take part in…

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It’s a trip of a lifetime and we’re going to be sharing the stoke with you and the wider kiteboarding community as we travel down the coast of Western Europe. Starting in the UK we’ll be cruising in our adapted vans to Northern Spain and all the way down to Southern Portugal. We’ll be wild camping along the way and looking to meet others in the kiteboarding community to share the experience with us. We want to find secret spots together, share photos of our pimped out kite vans and create a great resource for future adventures.

Wind and waves are the name of the game and we want to score the best sessions that the West coast has to offer. We invite you along to join us as a seeker, a water high fiver and fellow shredder of gnar. Let’s kitesurf our socks off, sip cold beers on clifftops and soak up the van life vibes together.

This is not just an average traveller’s tale, but an adventure and resource to call your own. We hope that Airush Van Camp will be the start of a van pimping, wild camping, wave seeking collective community of kiters around the world…

As well as letting you know our movements so that you can drop in and join us, we will be looking for your tips, and then want to share the information on with everyone. We’ll be documenting the:

– Best kite spots

– Van adaptations & gadgets

– Localised forecasts & conditions

– Places to camp

– Life off the grid

– Kite legends & characters we meet

– Camp food and drink

– Other activities

– Kite meetups

Above all we want you to share your photos and experiences on the road. We want to know the paradise spots you’ve found, the details of your pimped out kite vans, and how you’ve lived the kite life dream.

Danny Morrice strapless freestyle

The Van Camp Crew

Setting off from the UK is Airush Kiteboarding’s International Team Rider, Danny Morrice in his converted VW Caddy. Plumber by summer and surfer in winter, Danny has more exciting plans for his work van and will be making the Airush Van Camp the trip of his dreams:

“Since my mid teens all I ever wanted to do was explore the world via kitesurfing as well as any other extreme sports that present themselves en route. This Van Camp adventure I hope will be my greatest yet. It’s by no means the furthest or most remote experience I have had, but it’s a mission I’ve thought and dreamed about for a long time.”

Danny is the UK champion in wave riding, a strapless freestyle guru, foiling fanatic and general waterman. He’ll be accompanied by nomad and kitesurfing enthusiast, Caroline Morris in her converted Opel Combo. We’re hoping the team will grow as we journey and more people join us, and we may even get some surprise ‘special guests’ meet up with us along the way…

Danny with his van

Stay updated…

We’ll be posting regular updates on the trip via the Airush Van Camp Facebook Group. Join the community and get news on our whereabouts, where we’re kiting and where you can meet up for a beer after.

For now we’re busy prepping and will share our progress in the group with you too. If you have any van tips, or suggestions for what to pack, and routes to check out once we arrive in Spain, then let us know!

By innovators, for innovators


The Airush Crew


Spain and Portugal: Approximate dates Sept 8th – 8th October 2017

With International Team Rider, Danny Morrice 

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