Warranty - Airush Kiteboarding


Airush Warrantees any of our products to be free of major manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship to the ORIGINAL purchaser for a period of:

  • 1 year for kites, soft goods, and sandwich construction boards such as surf directionals.
  • 2 years for twin-tip boards, excluding LIVEWIRE TEAM AND APEX TEAM (1 year). This excludes any wear components that have been subjected to normal wear and tear.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions: Please contact your Airush Retailer or Distributor to start the warranty process.

  1. You must submit a proof of purchase from an Authorized and Recognized Airush Dealer
  2. The warranty is valid ONLY when the warranty item has been purchased from an authorized dealer or distributor.
  3. Any Airush product purchased on E-Bay or similar auction websites is NOT covered under warranty as well as products bought 2nd hand.
  4. The warranty is valid only when the product is used under normal recreational activities.
  5. The warranty is valid only when the proper Airush warranty procedure has been followed as defined in the Airush Warranty Protocol.
  6. Airush will make the warranty determination only after inspection and/or analysis of photos of the product clearly showing the defect.
  7. If a product is deemed to be defective by Airush, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective product only.  Airush is not responsible for any cost, losses, or damages incurred as a result of loss of use of the product.
  8. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect of normal wear and tear including but not limited to, punctures, rigging with non-Airush components, damage due to excessive sun or wind exposure or seam failure due to over-inflation, damage caused by improper handling and storage, damages caused by crashing in waves or shore break and damage caused by anything other than defects in materials and workmanship.
  9. The warranty is void if any unauthorized repair, change or modification, has been made to any part of the equipment.
  10. The warranty for any repair or replacement equipment is good from only the date of the original purchase.
  11. The original purchase receipt must accompany all warranty claims. The name of the retailer and date of purchase must be clear and legible.
  12. There are no warranties that extend beyond what has been specified here.

Airush Warranty Protocol

The distributor must follow the protocol for all warranty claims stated below.

The distributor provides

  1. Completed warranty form that includes a detailed explanation of the damage/fault and a full description of how it happened.
  2. Proof of purchase showing when the customer purchased the product.
  3. Photos showing the detail of the fault.
  4. Photos showing the serial number of the board:  Looking for the Serial Number on your Airush Product?  Click Here.

In the case of a repair credit note  (RCN), the distributor must send a copy of the repair invoice.  RCN’s will only be reimbursed at fair market value for the labor and material of the repair.  When the claim form and all documentations are submitted the claim will be reviewed and a decision will be made in a timely manner. If the claim is accepted, the distributor will be offered a replacement or full credit note (FCN), repair credit note  (RCN), or discount credit note (DCN). Any replacement items will be included in the next possible shipment.  Airush Kiteboarding is not responsible for freight charges for any replacement items.

Kites – Covered

Damage due to poor or faulty stitching Blemishes in the printing on the kite

Kites- Not Covered

Damage due to crashing on land or water Damage due to over-inflation or under-inflation Damage due to improper care or storage

Boards – Covered

Structural cracks on fiberglass top sheet, base, core, edge, sidewall and inserts Lamination failure of top sheet, base, sidewall, or edge Stripped or spinning inserts. (Note: Inserts that are stripped due to improper mounting are repairable, but are not considered a material flaw)

Boards – Not Covered

Damage due to jumping (all sandwich technology boards) Damage due to impact