Mini Monster - Flatwater Freeride and Strapless Kitesurfing




  • Unique freeride design for at water and small surf.
  • Intermediate fast rocker for speed.
  • Convertible Option with low drag foil insert.

The Mini Monster redefines the freeride space by offering a single board that can take you from light wind flat-water freeride into strapless riding, while still being playful enough for onshore surf.

This unique blend takes the outline from our bestselling Cypher Surf shape and combines that with rocker elements from the original Airush Sector Freeride shapes.

The name is derived by combining high volume (for lightwind and early planing) and a refined surf rail and relatively narrow outline for performance riding.

This is most apparent in the 4’10 Mini Monster which still has over 20 Liters of volume but fits easily into a golf bag or compact airline friendly setup.

Beyond the shape, the reinforced Futures Fin boxes can be setup with a standard Future surf n for wave or strapless freeride.

The Mini Monster Convert can use most modern plate foil options including the new Airush Core Foil.

4’10” (147cm) | 18” (45.7cm) | 2.3” (5.8cm) | 20.5L

5’2”(157cm) | 19” (48.2cm) | 2.5” (6.35cm) | 26L

5’6”(168cm) | 19.5” (46.5cm) | 2.75” (7cm) | 30.5L


Key Features




4’10” x 18” I 5’2”x 19” I 5’6”x 19.5”


The Mini Monster is the go-to board for flatwater and small surf. It's intermediate fast rocker, high volume and relatively narrow outlines make this board ideal for versatile performance in lighter conditions.

1: Curve in hip to increase maneuverability with narrow tail for control.
2: Flattest rocker in the range for early planning and top speed. 3: Widest board in the range for the best stability.
4: Wide point relatively far back for maneuverability.
5: Shortest Length in the range for compact and portability.
6: Full nose allowing to utilize more forward foot riding and supporting shorter length.
7: Flattest nose rocker for the earliest planning performance. 8: Tail 3.5mm Double concave.
9: Mid 5.5mm Deep double concave.
10: Nose 4mm Double concave.
11: Intermediate performance rail.


The Reflex Bamboo takes the same medium density core as our Custom Construction, but we remove the traditional wood stringer and add a full deck progressive flex bamboo sandwich with a longitudinally oriented bamboo center panel on the bottom deck.

Reflex Bamboo combines incredible flex with a durable sandwich outer layer, making it ideal for the rider looking for a bombproof and reliable performance construction.

The Reflex Bamboo shapes do not have footstrap inserts.
If you use the new AK stick on straps, insert positions are indicated on the board.


The Custom EPS construction blends a classic surf style, with the premium Ecoboard construction and our advanced core technology.

Custom EPS offers the flex and feel characteristics of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction.

All custom epoxy surfboards include footstrap inserts.


Sustainable Surf is excited to welcome Airush Kiteboarding as the newest brand to join The ECOBOARD project. This innovative kiteboarding manufacturer focuses on environmental and sustainability projects as one of its key ideologies. This step reflects the growth of the ECOBOARD Project into new markets and to a wider global audience and ocean-minded community.
Futures. Fin Boxes

Futures. Fin Boxes

New for this year, all of the Airush Surf boards range features the Futures. Fin boxes. This box and fin combination is extremely strong and easy to install with a single screw to secure the fin.