ANTHAR RACCA - Airush Kiteboarding



Age: 16
Lives: Cancun Mexico
Kiting Since: 2007
Airush Since: 2008
Favourite discipline: free style and wake style
Kite: Razor
Board: Livewire, Livewire Team and Apex
Favourite spot: Cancun Isla Blanca and Cauipe brazil
Other Sponsors: Mystic and Ikarus Kiteboarding
Best Result: 2013& 2015 Mexican Champion, 2015 European Junior Champion, 2015 Youth World Champion and 9th place 2015 VKWC Germany
What music do you like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avicii
What do you do when there is no wind: study do wakeboard, play football soccer and chill with friends