CRUSER PUTNAM - Airush Kiteboarding



Lives: Maui
Kiting Since: 2006
Airush Since: 2014
Favourite discipline: 1. Wave  2. Wakestyle  3. Kiteboarding
Gear:   I have switched between  Lithium, Varial X, and Wave on every session this past month,  All worked great for everything.  The Vox has been a great board to ride as well.
Favourite spot: The shores of Maui
What music do you like: Indie Rock (GroupLove) and Bass Music (Excision)
What do you do when there is no wind: If there is no wind, I surf (all sizes)  mostly shortboard.  I HangGlide,  Around 11 am the thermals and a shearline develop then in the afternoons I like to ridge soar on the West Maui’s.  And Work…