Airush Session Competition Winner

Airush Session Competition Winner 1

  THE GIVEAWAY In January 2022, Airush launched a giveaway where participants could stand a chance to win a brand new Session kite. The only requirement to enter this competition was to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media! A few 100 names went into the lucky draw from which 10 […]

Airush – Best Kitesurfing Brands Of 2021

best kitesurfing brands

Airush placed in the top 3 of Iksurfmag’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Kitesurfing Brands of 2021! Thank you for your votes.   We look forward to providing you with more epic content, phenomenal products, and even more stoke this year🤙 Never commit yourself to one style. Always maintain an open mind. Ride everything.   […]

Boots vs. Bindings

Boots vs. Bindings 7

Are you a boots or bindings rider..or both? At what point does a boot become more appropriate than a binding and when should boots be considered a no-go zone? AK Durable Supply Co. have put together a summary of the most important factors you should consider about boots and bindings, to help you simplify the […]

How to transition from twintip to directional: Gear

twintip to directional

You’ve been thinking about trying a new challenge, mixing it up from riding a twintip, and the surf/directional vibe seems like fun – but you are not sure how big of a jump it might be from what you are used to and you need some advice? In this mini how-to series, we will be […]

How To: Bridle Swap On Session Kite

how to kitesurf how to wing

  The Session is supplied with two sets of bridles which can be interchanged using the same bridle attachment points.   For the classic Airush feel, smooth depower and ease of use the standard pulley bridle is recommended. The longer bar throw means that you get a controlled longer depower range, keeping your backlines tight […]

Oswald Smith Podcast Interview

Airush Session Kite

Kitesurf360 interviews Airush rider, Oswald Smith, on what has been happening in his life, what actually goes down in his world travels, and what happened to his hand on New Year’s Eve…   Listen to the podcast below:      


win a session

We are stoked to announce that we are doing a Session kite giveaway!   How to take part in the giveaway: 1: Sign up to our newsletter & follow us on our new Instagram account @airushkiteboarding. That’s it!   The winner will be chosen: 10 March 2022       Terms and Conditions: 1. No […]

VOTE AIRUSH – Best Kitesurfing Brand Of 2021

best kitesurfing brands

The Kitesurfing Readers Choice Awards are back, and the biggest prize of all is up for grabs once again! Cast your vote now! Do you feel that Airush made the most innovative products of 2021? Do you feel that we have the best performing kites and boards on the market? If Airush made you feel like a […]

This Is Gijs Wassenaar

gijs wassenaar big air

Gijs Wassenaar is an Airush Big Air rider from the Netherlands who started his Airush journey in 2019 when our Team Manager scouted him after a 29-meter jump he performed at Misty Cliffs, Cape Town. This guy brings a vibrant energy to the team with his dad jokes and Dutch accent. Photographer: Danny Houwaart   […]

How To Do A Board Off

Board off

The Board Off is probably one of the simplest first tricks to learn when doing Big Air but before starting out in the Big Air tricks world, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with high jumps before trying the next step.   Djebbe Hiscock Board Off captured by Mitchell Doylle Markgraaff   […]

10 Big Air Mistakes You Can Avoid

big air

    HOW TO AVOID THESE TOP 10 BIG AIR BEGINNER MISTAKES   We were all beginners once and mistakes are a natural part of the process when starting something new, but the principle that takes a beginner to the point of becoming a professional is the ability to identify mistakes and correct them continuously. […]

Competition Winner

Competition Winner 52

    Remember this? In September, Airush launched a giveaway where we said we would give away any product of the winner’s choice. The only requirement to enter this competition was to sign up to our newsletter and wait.         We have a winner!   See the video below to find out […]

How to: Hang Ten On A Twintip

Oswald Smith Hang ten

  The Hang Ten is a must-know out-of-the-box (or boots rather) party trick that you have no reason not to try. In our latest Freestyle video – Anthology, you will see Oswald Smith doing this trick at around 4:46. We thought it might be a great idea to break it down for you, in case […]

SESTAR Group – Fair Labour Association Membership

SESTAR Group - Fair Labour Association Membership 56

The Fair Labour Association to ride new waves and get wind in their sails with the SESTAR group.   Paddleboarding, windsurfing, surfing, kiteboarding, wingboarding, environmental action apparel and Olympic disciplines, this is SESTAR.   VIEW AIRUSH BRAND PILLARS     The group that holds Starboard, Airush, Severne, and SOMWR has just become a member of […]

How To: Front Roll To Blind – Freestyle

How To: Front Roll To Blind - Freestyle 63

HOW TO DO A FRONT ROLL TO BLIND Explained by Jack Rieder & Alex Pastor   In this article, we will show you how to do a great classic & Freestyle-beginner-friendly trick called a “Front Roll To Blind” as explained by 2 different riders, Jack Rieder & Alex Pastor, to give you the best of […]

The Freestyle Range

The Freestyle Range 71

THE RAZOR   The Razor is a legendary freestyle machine. Mark Pattison and Alex Pastor have been working on it for years refining it every time, whether it’s for competition use or just general freestyle, it can’t be beaten. The new Razor is the pinnacle of performance and it just got even better. The Razor […]

What is Freestyle to you – Jonas

jonas ouahmid

Captured by Heliophora   JONAS OUAMIHD COTS Rider Of The Year / African Champion 2019 / Junior Worldchampion 2017       1. What is freestyle to you? Twintip Freestyle for me is unhooked tricks with handle passes.   2. Where do you feel the future of Freestyle is going? I hope freestyle will not […]

What is Freestyle to you – Jack

Jack Rieder

Captured by Chris Rollet   JACK RIEDER Freestyle and Park Adventurer     1. What is freestyle to you? Freestyle is a combination of two things to me. The first, and way that I started my profession is through learning to “go-to” tricks and trying to push my level to compete with others. The second […]

What is Freestyle to you – Alex

alex pastor

Captured by Samuel Cardenas   ALEX PASTOR 2013 World Champion / 2016 Rider of the year / 2018 Spanish Champion         1. What is freestyle to you? Freestyle is doing what feels most fun or natural, or whatever you feel like doing at a certain moment, depending on wind or waves conditions. […]

What is Freestyle to you – Rami

ramiro gallart

Captured by Samuel Cardenas RAMIRO GALLART     1. What is Freestyle to you?  This discipline is one of my main joys and probably the reason I dedicate my life to kiteboarding.   2. How do you express yourself in this discipline? It’s hard to say.  There is a bit of premeditation on what to […]

100% Freestyle


How would you define Freestyle? Does it mean pushing your limits, having the freedom to create, or having a crazy repertoire of tricks and techniques? Freestyle means something different to many people, but what we can all agree on is that it is exhilarating, weightless, and spectacular.     WATCH: ANTHOLOGY – FT. ALEX PASTOR, […]

Foiling Progression Tips

foiling foil

So you want to progress your foiling skills?   Foiling is another incredible aspect of the sport. It has the ability to turn light wind, potentially non-kiteable, kite days into amazing freeride days which equals more time on the water, in and out of season.   Here are 5 tips from our pros on how […]

Behind the Design – The Slayer

the Slayer

A recent addition to the Airush convertible range, the Slayer, is a hot topic. From strapless freestyle, foiling, wave riding, wakeskating, and even possibly the funnest kite-skimboard you have owned… It’s hard to imagine one board that can do it all. It is the first board to leave the beach and the last to return […]

12 Tips for Progressing Kiteboarders

Kiteboarding Progression Tips. Tips for Progressing Kiteboarders

Whether you are already a progressing kiteboarder or you have just started taking lessons, you are bound to learn something new with these tips from our pros, about what they wish they paid better attention to when they first started their kiteboarding journey!         Tip 1. CHECK WIND QUALITY When you start […]