Products 1

Competition & down-the-line performance shape. High rocker with narrow nose & tail. Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction. True to the name, the Comp is our competition and down-the-line performance-oriented board. The high rocker allows you to edge into even the steepest of waves, whilst the narrow nose and tail open up the full turning […]

Diamond Surf

Products 2

Smaller performance shape ideal for female riders. Highest rocker with narrow nose & tail. Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction. Developed specifically for female riders, the Diamond is designed to blend speed and agility seamlessly. The narrow nose and tail open up the full turning ability each wave delivers. Geared for down-the-line riding, the reduced […]


Products 3

All-around surf shape. Fast rocker with maneuver oriented outline. Durable & flexible construction. The AMP is our legendary all-around surf shape that combines a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline for optimal drive and maneuverability. The fuller nose aids the low wind performance, whilst the single to double concave […]

Mini Monster

Products 4

Ideal shape for onshore & flat water. Compact higher volume shape with flat rocker. Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction. Combining aspects of a surf-style fish and the classic surf directional board shape, the Mini Monster is the perfect board for smaller waves, lighter wind, or flat water riding. With well-distributed volume throughout the board […]

Mini Monster Convert

Products 5

Ideal shape for onshore & flat water. Simple low drag foil conversion (90 x 165mm plate). Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction. Featuring the unique Airush low drag foil insert, the Mini Monster Convert is the perfect board for foiling, smaller waves, lighter wind or flat-water riding. With well-distributed volume throughout the board and a […]

Foil Skate

Products 6

Durable & versatile board for intermediate riders. Stiff construction for increased stability. Ideal with fins for riding without a foil. The Foil Skate offers a twintip style construction to foil riders. When compared to higher volume foil boards, the Foil Skate is easy to launch as the board sits lower in the water, specifically if […]

Team Foil Board

Products 7

Compact foil board for riding with or without straps. Ultra light & durable Carbon Innegra construction. Concave deck with beveled rails & convex nose. If you’re looking for a compact carbon solution, the Team Foil Board is an extremely fun and skatey board for advanced freeriders, riding strapped or strapless. Constructed using ultra light and […]

Freeride Foil

Products 8

Intermediate to advanced riders.  Ultra-low drag monocoque configuration. 800cm2 front wing.   The Airush Freeride Foil features a new generation low drag monocoque design that offers incredible stiffness, and high-speed performance without losing the ease of use for intermediate riders. The intermediate aspect ratio 800cm2 front wing features new generation profiles for higher speed. At speed the […]

Carving Foil

Products 9

Ideal for lower speed riding, carving & learning. Medium size rear wing for versatile performance. 1000cm2 Carving front wing. Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced carving. The Airush Carving Foil features our high stability 1000cm2 Carving front wing, for the perfect balance of performance and ease of use. The larger […]


Products 10

Directional wave-oriented twintip. Surf performance fin configuration. Rollaway nose chamfer for a better surf feeling. Derived from a love of waves and having an all-around good time, the Shredder lets you shred waves, and is also great for standard twintip riding. Designed with an optional six-fin configuration for that extra surf feel, or a standard […]

Progression Bar

Products 11

Reliable & easy to use control system. Compatible with all 4 line Airush kites. Easy to reach color coded Pull-Pull tabs. Simplicity without compromising quality, the Progression Bar is the ideal companion. Easy to use, with a reliable Pull-Pull depower system, and built to industry safety and strength standards. Featuring 45cm-52cm adjustable bar ends, and […]

Cleat Bar

Products 12

Premium all-around control system. Neat, compact & durable. Full trim availability with minimum clutter. If you’re looking for a premium all-around control system that is precise, has an expansive trim range, and is neat, compact, and reliable, it’s the Cleat Bar. Big surf or big air, the directional grooves aid your grip and comfort while […]

AP Bar

Products 13

High performance freestyle control system. Freestyle specific Pull-Pull trim strap. Heavy duty 1.9mm front & rear lines. From effortless unhooked, to powered moves and landings, the AP Bar is the 5 line control system that gives freestyle riders confidence. Every detail of its minimalist design, the 19mm bar diameter, short bar throw, and compact freestyle […]

Access Bar

Products 14

Optimized control system for smaller riders.  Small 24cm chicken loop. Short bar throw for easy reach. The Access Bar is designed to fulfil the needs of the smaller rider. The entire control system is more compact, with a reduced diameter grip for smaller hands, small harness loop, and a shorter bar throw. This makes the […]

Ultra Bar

Products 15

Minimalist, versatile & lightweight. Extended bar throw. Compact pre-set trim system. For the advanced rider looking for functional simplicity, the Airush Ultra Bar is simple, clean, and lightweight, making it an incredibly versatile control system. A set-and-forget off the water trim system removes the need for the bulk of on demand straps or cleats, leaving […]


Products 16

Versatile surf, strapless & performance freeride. Perfect drift, agile turning & effortless boosting capability. Interchangeable bridles for customized response. Perfect drift, agile turning, and effortless boost, the Session is for the rider wanting a versatile surf oriented kite with performance freeride capabilities. Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridles lets you choose between more direct steering with […]

Union v6

Products 17

Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover.  Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked. Fixed bridle for crisp steering response. The Union delivers. Balancing big air, kiteloops and freestyle, the Union combines superb hangtime with smooth kiteloops, both hooked and unhooked. Ideal for the rider looking for increased boosting performance and crisp steering response. Featuring a fixed bridle for better […]

Lithium v11

Products 18

Premium all-around freeride performance. Precise steering with reduced bar pressure. Powerful delta hybrid with a huge wind range. Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Lithium offers premium freeride versatility while remaining predictable and stable in the air. The focus on wingtip and strut layout in conjunction with the Delta Hybrid design […]

Ultra v3

Products 19

Revolutionary foil & lightwind freeride design. Unique combination of stability & responsive drive. High performance lightweight single strut geometry. The Ultra has yet again proven to be unbeatable for lightwind freeride performance, foiling, and wave riding alike. The exclusive Airush Load Frame, segmentation reduction through the canopy, and lightweight single strut geometry all contribute to […]


Products 20

Performance freeride & big air. Explosive power, massive lift & hangtime. Stable in high winds & easy to fly. The Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, and taking performance freeride to new heights. Designed for the rider looking for exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the wildest conditions. Ease of use, paired with incredible […]

Union v5

Products 21

Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover. Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked. Fixed bridle for crisp steering response. The Union delivers incredible lift and hang time when going for big air, along with quicker, lighter, and ultra-responsive steering. Ideal for the user looking for increased jumping performance and quicker depower response, and for […]

Razor v9

Products 22

Unrivalled unhooked performance & precision. New generation 5 line freestyle & big air blend. Increased boosting in smaller sizes. The Razor is a new generation 5 line freestyle and big air blend. Designed with World Champion Alex Pastor to provide mind-blowing pop and slack, our dedicated freestyle and wakestyle performance kite combines unrivalled unhooked performance […]

Diamond v5

Products 23

Versatile female-specific performance. Direct steering & swift depower. Stable with all-around ease of use. The Diamond features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of users from wave, foiling, and freeride, to freestyle. It is stable and user-friendly, yet responsive in both steering and power delivery. Even the lightest of […]