Access Bar

Sistema de control optimizado para riders más pequeños. Pequeño chicken loop de 24 cm. Tiro de barra corta para fácil acceso. La barra de acceso está diseñada para satisfacer las necesidades del rider más pequeño. Todo el sistema de control es más compacto, con un agarre de diámetro reducido para manos más pequeñas, un arnés […]

Livewire Junior

Livewire Junior 1

Ideal & user friendly for a young kiteboarder. 2.0 ABS reinforced inserts. Multi-zone Biotech core. The Livewire Junior takes the ever-popular design and construction of the Switch Progression kiteboard, and the aesthetics of the Livewire, and offers you a super easy and comfortable board ideal to start a young kiteboarder’s journey. For all-around, entry-level freeriding, […]

Access Bar

airush-2021-Airush-Bars-Access-v2-Teal-img-02Control Bar TechnologyNews

Optimized control system for smaller riders.  Small 24cm chicken loop. Short bar throw for easy reach. The Access Bar is designed to fulfil the needs of the smaller rider. The entire control system is more compact, with a reduced diameter grip for smaller hands, small harness loop, and a shorter bar throw. This makes the […]