High-performance strapless freestyle kiteboard shape. All-terrain versatility – wave, flat water & foil. Built-in a bombproof twintip construction. The Slayer introduces a completely unique concept between strapless freestyle, wave riding, and flatwater foiling freedom. Featuring a fully gripped deck and raised rails for easy grabbing when riding strapless, and a low profile standing area for […]

Foil Skate v2

Foil Skate v2

Minimalist crossover low volume foil board. Ideal with fins when riding without a foil. Built in a bombproof twintip wood core construction. If you’re looking for a minimalist crossover solution, the Foil Skate offers a twintip style construction in a foil board shape. Sitting closer to the water compared to higher volume boards, makes it […]

Ultra V4

Airush Ultra v4 Kite

Ultimate lightweight design for foiling, freeride kiteboarding & kitesurfing. Unique combination of stability & responsive drive. High-performance, lightweight Single Strut Geometry. When it comes to finding the ultimate combination in lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, look no further than the Ultra v4. The unique blend of stability, low-end power, and responsive drive […]

Team Foil Board

airush-2021-Airush-Foil-Boards-Team-Foil-Board-v2-Teal-img-01Team Foil Board

Compact foil board for riding with or without straps. Ultra light & durable Carbon Innegra construction. Concave deck with beveled rails & convex nose. If you’re looking for a compact carbon solution, the Team Foil Board is an extremely fun and skatey board for advanced freeriders, riding strapped or strapless. Constructed using ultra light and […]