Kiteworld Review – Airush Union v6


In the latest issue of Kiteworld Magazine, Jim, Kyle and Bully come together to test the Airush Union v6 on our home turf of Cape Town, South Africa! While we have a wide offering of kites for various disciplines, this kite is all about being powered and going big. Click here to read all about […]

Union v6

airush-2021-Airush-Kites-Union-v6-Red-img-02Union v6

Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover.  Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked. Fixed bridle for crisp steering response. The Union delivers. Balancing big air, kiteloops and freestyle, the Union combines superb hangtime with smooth kiteloops, both hooked and unhooked. Ideal for the rider looking for increased boosting performance and crisp steering response. Featuring a fixed bridle for better […]



Versatile kiteboard for intermediate to advanced riders. High rocker for amazing pop & landings. Fiberglass Nano Rod technology.  The Apex kiteboard has been designed to ride with footstraps or boots to enhance performance in both the big air and freestyle disciplines. Featuring a high rocker, a stiffer more continuous flex pattern, subtle channels, and a […]

Livewire Team

airush-2021-Airush-Twintip-Livewire-Team-v7-Red-img-02Livewire Team

High performance freestyle kiteboard. Perfect balance of weight, rocker & flex for response. Carbon Nano Rod technology. The Livewire Team is designed for the high-performance freestyle rider, who is focused on the perfect balance of weight, rocker, flex, and response. The shape of the kiteboard features a deep channel and concaved combo bottom in conjunction […]



High-performance freestyle & park-specific kiteboard. Most aggressive & durable board available.  Carbon Nano Rod technology. The Livewire is the ultimate freestyle and wakestyle kiteboarding tool for boot enthusiasts. Featuring a HD Grindrite sintered base, deep channel, and concave combo bottom in conjunction with a high rocker, and our Carbon Nano Rod technology. This combination of […]



Performance freeride & big air. Explosive power, massive lift & hangtime. Stable in high winds & easy to fly. The Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, and taking performance freeride to new heights. Designed for the rider looking for exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the wildest conditions. Ease of use, paired with incredible […]

Union v5

airush-2021-Airush-Kites-Union-v5-Red-img-01Union v5

Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover. Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked. Fixed bridle for crisp steering response. The Union delivers incredible lift and hang time when going for big air, along with quicker, lighter, and ultra-responsive steering. Ideal for the user looking for increased jumping performance and quicker depower response, and for […]