OVERVIEW - Airush Kiteboarding


The 2017 Airush Collection fuses our passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. As always our focus remains on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining our demand for the highest level of craftsmanship.

As outdoor athletes we engage deeply with our environment and we understand that it is the duty of all of us to actively seek a way of life that does less harm to the environment and leads to a sustainable lifestyle. At Airush we have increasingly focused on our environmental footprint over the last few years, and this will continue to be at the core of all that we do as a brand.

Our first step in terms of environmental responsibility has always been to build only the highest quality products possible, so that they can last for years. This was first evident five years ago when Airush became the first company in the industry to offer a full two year breakage warranty on freeride twintips. And we are now offering the Airush Load Frame, which effectively doubles the performance lifespan of the kite.

We have also been working with companies such as Entropy to help to introduce plant-based, reduced carbon footprint resins to mass production processes, and we have been sharing as much of our knowledge with the industry as we can.

This philosophy is championed in our Team Series Reefer, which showcases our desire to connect more strongly with the environment, along with the value of pushing your riding boundaries for your own gratification.

We continue with our Series concept for 2017, where the Team Series Black showcases our premium competition driven collection. These are products developed without compromise using only the best technology available to perform at the highest level in the freestyle, wave and racing arenas.

For the Diamond Series, developed through close collaboration with World Tour contender Bruna Kajiya, we created a collection that offers an extremely versatile range of female-specific products. Our focus on both the technical and visual attributes have led to the success of this collection, and we are stoked to introduce a new Diamond Surfboard featured for 2017.

The Core Series is developed to combine the highest performance possible, sharing technology with our Team Series, without compromising on ease of use. Featuring ground-breaking products such as the Benchmark Union and Lithium Kites, this series is developed specifically for the rider looking for versatility and the latest innovation, in a very technical collection.

The Progression Series highlights our commitment to growing the sport of kiteboarding. We introduce a complete range of products that combines ease of use with the highest level of durability and ride refinement. The Progression Series can take you from your first day on the water right through to the very highest level of recreational riding.

We have worked as hard as ever to bring you our latest collection and we believe that you can find the perfect products to help you carve your own path and to guarantee taking your riding to the next level. And we are as amped as ever to share our passion for design and kiteboarding with you heading in to the 2017 series.

Ride as much as possible!

The Airush Collective

Clinton Filen, Mark Pattison, Marc Schmid, Alex Pastor, Reza De Nicker, Paminus Ndadzingira, Dean Freedburg Jerome Caillet, Bas Koole, Bear Karry, Lucia Bosman, Wade Lambert, Bruna Kajiya, Julien Kerneur, Katja Roose, Oswald Smith, Reider Decker.