INNOVATION - Airush Kiteboarding


The Airush Kiteboarding Collection fuses our passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. As always, our focus remains on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining our demand for the highest level of craftsmanship.

Dyneema Load Frame


Airush’s next generation Dyneema Load Frame significantly reduces load on the kite canopy.

Strength-to-weight ratios for Dyneema are about 40% higher than for aramid.


V3.2 Bridle

Massive Depower and Control

Unique to Airush the V3.2 Bridle has been an ongoing development for over 7 years.  For 2017, the V3.2 Bridle has been reduced by 10%.  The benefits are clear, with the V3.2 Bridle, your kite has massive depower range while still having back line tension to manoeuvre and fly the kite.  Crucial for entry level, wave, or any type of freestyle riding!

Active Construction


The lightest construction on the market today, Airush’s patented Active Technology combines revolutionary flex and strength in a full carbon construction for unparalleled performance.

The key to the Active Stringer’s strength is the stiff and ultra-lightweight carbon I-beam through the center of the board. This prevents the board from over flexing and damaging the laminate when flexing beyond the working range. The secret to the Active Technology flex is the high memory polypropylene flex zone, which works in conjunction with the flexible bi-axial carbon skins to flex and compress within the working range.

The combination gives a perfect blend of maximum flex, minimum weight and maximum durability.

Entropy Bio Resins


The Active Bamboo is constructed using Entropy Super Sap Resin Systems, which reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies. This resin system replaces petroleum-based raw materials with renewable plant-based materials. The raw materials going into Entropy Resins are co-products or waste products of industrial processes, which do not compete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture.

Kite Specific Binding Construction

Reinforced for Kiters, Not Wakeboarders

Kiteboarding places specific loads when compared to a traditional wake boot due to the longer typical use. Airush bindings have been reinforced in all key areas – such as the toe cap and upper base plate connection – through a heavy-duty double stitched connection. For 2017 additional stiffening and reinforcing have been added to the direct drive base plate and stiffening bar.

Direct Drive Base Plate


The combination of the aluminum stiffening bar and triangulated fiber-reinforced base plate, drive the load directly into the board with minimum distortion and flex which guarantees perfect response to rider input. For 2017 increased fiber content in the baseplate and increased thickness of the stiffening bar, significantly improve the rider connection and durability.

4 Wide Adjustablility


Making Airush one of a kind, the Core Control Bar features a truly unique system. With a few simple and quick changes between the all-new bar ends and the exclusive pin adjustment system, the Airush Core Control Bar gives you the option of a 45cm, 52cm, 55cm or 62cm bar. An industry first, the Airush Core Control Bar can be used on all Airush inflatable kites – from our biggest Race kite to our smallest Freeride kite.

Inline ABS Inserts


No more pulled or broken inserts from hard landings or crashes. Featured on all Airush boards, the ABS Reinforced Inserts create the ultimate amount of durability whether riding with boots or straps.  Found on boards like the Livewire, the ABS Inserts are in single file allowing for riders to have equal wearing of their Heelside and Toeside rails.

3K Carbon Construction


The new Apex Team is built with 3k Carbon. The 3k Carbon allows for a lighter and more responsive ride. Making use of the 3k Carbon allows for the core thickness to be reduced while keeping the board’s strength, durability and all around Freestyle/Freeride performance at an optimal level.