Kiteboard Stance Set Up with Jack Reider

airush-Jack-R-e1618497994499Kiteboard Stance Set Up with Jack ReiderBoards

Jack Reider shares his helpful tips on your boot set up from his backyard in Squamish, Canada! Jack uses the Airush Livewire V7 140cm and the AK Durable Supply Co. Velcro Boots.           

Livewire Team

airush-2021-Airush-Twintip-Livewire-Team-v7-Red-img-02Livewire Team

High performance freestyle kiteboard. Perfect balance of weight, rocker & flex for response. Carbon Nano Rod technology. The Livewire Team is designed for the high-performance freestyle rider, who is focused on the perfect balance of weight, rocker, flex, and response. The shape of the kiteboard features a deep channel and concaved combo bottom in conjunction […]



High-performance freestyle & park-specific kiteboard. Most aggressive & durable board available.  Carbon Nano Rod technology. The Livewire is the ultimate freestyle and wakestyle kiteboarding tool for boot enthusiasts. Featuring a HD Grindrite sintered base, deep channel, and concave combo bottom in conjunction with a high rocker, and our Carbon Nano Rod technology. This combination of […]