Tidak Apa-Apa

airush-Tidak Apa apa 1080px x 1350px

Tidak Apa-Apa | What happens happens. When these two get together, it’s all fun and games. Join Oswald Smith and Charlie Wise on a journey exploring through Indo. You know, this place is special There is something about the ocean, that keeps bringing us back It’s not just its kaleidoscopic nature or its clear complexion […]

Product Designers Appreciate Good Product | Mark Shinn & the Ultra Team

airush-Airush Ultra Team Mark ShinnProduct Designers Appreciate Good Product | Mark Shinn & the Ultra TeamBig Air

Product Designers Appreciate Good Product We caught up with multiple World Champion and long time friend of Airush, Mark Shinn, to get the lowdown on why he chooses to ride the Airush Ultra range. Mark is one of the original kiteboarders, starting the sport back in 1998 and becoming the only competitor to win both […]

Behind The Design – Airush Team Foilboard

Behind The Design Airush Team Foilboard

Behind the Design – Airush Team Foilboard We catch up with Designer Clinton Filen on the Airush Team Foilboard, looking into the key features, and insight into the design rationale…     What was the idea behind the Team Foilboard? We had originally done a bunch of development on racing foilboards and more freeride oriented […]

Behind The Design – Freefoil

airush-Kyle-Cabano_Colin-Ultra-Bar-1Behind The Design – FreefoilNews

Freefoil Foiling is now more diverse and fun than ever before. The Airush foil board range takes you through a freeride journey from the wave-oriented Mini Monster Convert and Slayer boards, through the versatile Foil Skates to the high-performance Team Foilboard. All of these are powered by the next generation of the legendary Ultra kite, […]